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Fic: Closer  
11:11pm 30/09/2009
pure sugar and fluff
Title: Closer
Author: fairymage
Rating: PG
Community: 30_kisses
Theme: #4-our distance and that person
Fandom: Card Captor Sakura
Pairing: Fujitaka/Nadeshiko

Nadeshiko was hardly surprised when her cousin sank down on the huge bed beside her and asked the question.

“You still want a Western style wedding, right?”

Of course, she had to pretend to be surprised. She’d told Sonomi a long time ago that she no longer wanted the big, Western wedding that the family would have preferred, but had never really committed to a replacement vision. And now, with the rumors going around, and Sonomi’s jealous suspicion aroused, it was only natural that she should be confronted about it.

“Well, Sonomi-chan, I haven’t really thought about it.” She smiled, the smile that she knew would soften her cousin.

Sonomi frowned. “Why not?”

She dramatically put a finger to her cheek and cocked her head. “Well, I guess because I haven’t been thinking about marriage too much.” It’s only a small lie, after all. There were worse lies she’s been telling.

Sonomi tossed her bookbag to the floor and sprawled out over her cousin’s bed. “Aren’t you going to get married? That’s what everyone else thinks.”

“Oh yes!” She smiled and clapped her hands together in excitement. “Of course I will, Sonomi, to just the right man. But I haven’t really thought about it too much. I want to finish school, and maybe work.” She can’t lie forever.

“As a model?” Sonomi frowned. It’s degrading, that her beautiful cousin should do such a thing. They’d find a way to stop her.

“I think so. It’s such easy work, and the people are very nice. And with you to look after me, I won’t have to worry about anything!” She suspected that Sonomi would stop being part of her life before then. It saddened her, but the thought of what she might miss saddened her more. She and Sonomi had their whole lives up to that point. There was another life waiting for her outside this house.

Sonomi shook her head and rolled over. “I guess we’ll figure that out later. Grandfather could probably set up everything for you… But I still want to know about your wedding.”

“Are you thinking about a bridesmaid dress?” Nadeshiko beamed. “You’ll look so beautiful!”

Sonomi blushed, predictably. It was so easy, Nadeshiko thought, and she hated the thought of breaking her cousin’s heart. “Not… not really.”

“Well, it’s not important right now, right? I don't even know who I’m going to marry!”

Sonomi searched her beloved cousin’s eyes deeply. She knew, and yet could do nothing. There was not enough proof, there was too little guile and too much earnestness in Nadeshiko to be certain. And that man would never give anything away.

“Well, just don't get married outdoors somewhere, okay?” Sonomi snapped irritably, dropping off the bed to rummage around in her bag for her homework. Nadeshiko knelt beside her, putting her hands over Sonomi’s and smiling.

Sonomi noticed that Nadeshiko did not answer her question.


He was sitting alone in the coffee house when she walked by, reading a book and sipping what looked like a normal cup of coffee. She hesitated for a moment. He was sitting rather close to the window; she’d been able to see him while passing on the sidewalk. But at the same time… The doorbell tinkled as she went inside, and she indicated to the hostess that she was going to join a table.

He looked startled to see her. “Ah, Amamiya-san…” She smiled and sat down across from him, beckoning a waiter over. She hated to simply intrude on their space without ordering something. She ordered a slice of cake and a cup of tea.

“Is there something I can do for you?” he asked, in his oddly formal way. She wanted to laugh. Would they ever be perfectly comfortable around each other? She shook her head.

“No, I was just walking by, and I thought maybe you would like some company.”

“Well, now that you’ve gone out of your way, I couldn’t say no.”

The cake and tea arrived, and she took a sip of tea before pushing the plate between them. There were two little silver forks accompanying it. She said nothing about them.

“I’ve heard that you’d like a garden wedding.”

He laughed. “Oh, that again?”

“It sounds very nice!” She still didn’t touch the cake, waiting to see if he would notice. She was sure he would, she just wasn’t sure how to approach the subject afterward. This was different from sharing ramen, somehow.

He shook his head and ran his hand through his hair. “I wasn’t really thinking, and Takada-sensei…”

“I think it’s very romantic. I think… I’ve been thinking for awhile that that’s the sort of wedding I’d like to have.”

There was the briefest of moments, where they sat and stared at each other, smiling gently and a little self-consciously. Then he laughed.

“That sounds… that seems very much like you.”

“I was thinking a small ceremony, with not very many people. It would be so much nicer, don’t you think? Only a few people to share your first kiss as a married couple.”

“I don’t really have family, so I wouldn’t invite many people anyway.”

“So it is the kind of wedding you would like?”

He laughed again, but didn’t answer. She finished her tea and set the cup down with a satisfied sigh. “What about a honeymoon?”

“I think that would depend on my wife.”

“I think maybe I wouldn’t like to go very far.”

“Oh? You wouldn’t want to go overseas, or someplace interesting like that?”

“Not… not if he didn’t want to. It might be hard for him, you know.” She toyed with one of the forks.

“I see. I’m sure he would do anything he could to please you.”

“I wouldn’t want that.” She looked up, almost shyly in her directness.

He picked up the second fork.

She took the first bite from the tapered end of the slice of cake.

A young girl paused outside the window. If she were concerned about that sort of thing, she wouldn’t have pressed herself against the glass to get a better view. As it was, all Sonomi could see was her beautiful cousin, smiling at him, as he said something that made her laugh.
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04:41am 30/09/2010 (UTC)
trimurti_tuner: Ashe
You probably don't remember me--and I wouldn't blame you there--but I commented on one of your other Fujitaka/Nadeshiko 30_kisses stories. Reading this, I can't help but admire the refreshing feeling this story carries, as if it came from a different, more innocent time. Just this, with the cake-sharing and the anticipation for Fujitaka to pick up the second fork, makes me as the reader feel nostalgic, in a sense. It reminds me of the manga Kimi ni Todoke. I can understand as a writer if you don't have the time or the interest in continuing this series, but I'd like it if you knew that at least one person appreciates it as it is, no matter what you choose to do. Hopefully I'll have some free time to comment on more stories in this series, so I hope you won't mind my comments. :)
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