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Fic: Showdown  
10:35pm 01/02/2009
pure sugar and fluff
Title: Showdown
Author: fairymage
Rating: G
Community: 30_kisses
Theme: #16-invincible; unrivaled
Fandom: Card Captor Sakura
Pairing: Touya/Yukito
Notes: Written for dreximgirl's 2007 Holiday request.

“And so that’s why nii-chan is here, and Yukito-san is at their apartment, and why Kero-chan and I are staying with you,” Sakura concluded with a heavy sigh as her head hung. Tomoyo laughed good-naturedly, and assured her it would be perfectly fine for Sakura and her rambunctious guardian to stay with her for a bit.

“In fact, while you keep Kero-chan occupied, I can check in on your brother and Tsukishiro-san for you,” Tomoyo suggested with an almost wicked grin. Her video camera rested neatly in her lap. Sakura nodded weakly – there was no point in objecting now.

“I’m sure it’ll be just like Iron Chef!” Tomoyo beamed. “Touya-san in one kitchen, working furiously, surrounded by sashimi and rice and cooking sake! Tsukishiro-san in another, with everything all neat and tidy and perfectly in order, singing a little song! It’ll be perfect to show your children someday!”

Sakura balked a little, but really… it was not worth arguing now. Her brothers were just stuck with this little holiday spat memorialized forever.

It had all started several weeks earlier, when Kero and Yue had gotten into a fight. Kero and Yue were used to playfully insulting each other in serious tones, but Kero had taken it a step too far when he insulted Yue’s cooking. First of all, no one but Yukito was supposed to know that Yue enjoyed – and was rather good at – cooking. Second, no one was better than him, with the possible exception of Touya. Yue would begrudgingly admit that Touya was quite good.

Yukito, of course, did not count, because he and Yue were more or less the same in this respect.

Kero had then continued by suggesting that even Touya was not so great, and that store-bought pudding was better than Touya’s cooking. At this suggestion, Yue flared his wings and began to take aim at his brother, stopped only by Touya rushing in between them to suggest that maybe he and Yuki-Yue should do some kind of cook-off, to see if they were better than store food.

Initially, this suggestion was only made to save his father’s house from being ripped apart by shining ice shards and giant fireballs. After peace had been somewhat restored though, Touya found himself quite offended by the Sun Guardian’s sneering remarks. Store-bought pudding? That stuff was trash! Always watery, and too sweet, or too thick, or too heavy. How dare that stupid little stuffed animal say such a thing!

So Touya and Yue (via Yukito) sat down together to organize their grand cook-off. They would each get a kitchen and a set amount of money (to be determined by Touya’s father) to cook whatever they wanted in three hours. Since it was nearing Christmas, they would both cook some sort of Christmas dinner. Touya’s father would then take the same amount of money and purchase the “best” food he could. Kero trusted Kinomoto-san with his palate, and so had no objections to this plan. Sakura, Li, Tomoyo, and Kero would be the judges of the feast.

Touya’s father, naturally, found the entire enterprise hilarious, but said nothing. Surprisingly, neither did Yukito, who found it equally silly. Neither of them would say why, however, and Yukito merely went along with what Yue wanted. And so it was that Christmas Eve dawned with Sakura over at Tomoyo’s house, Tomoyo gleefully preparing to videotape her cousins, Li complaining about the Sun Guardian’s stupidity, and Yue mentally instructing Yukito exactly how everything should be prepared.

Later that night, Sakura, Tomoyo, Li, and Kero were seated (more or less) around the Kinomoto dining table. They had to wait a few minutes – since he and Yukito had to travel, Yue was refusing to leave the apartment until everything was perfect – before they could indulge themselves. Sakura and Touya’s father had made everything quiet official, with a ridiculously large amount of silverware and dishware (“We can’t have you being influenced by what was on that fork last”) and a paper ballot and scoring system.

“What were they making?” Li asked Sakura, who was sitting next to him.

“Pot roast,” Kero began grandly, puffing up and floating above his empty plate. “Mashed potatoes, bread, a ham, sushi and sashimi, dumplings, Chinese noodles, turkey, cranberry sauce, mixed vegetables, and a green bean casserole.” Tomoyo laughed, as Sakura hung her head in shame and Li looked absolutely shocked.

“We’re—we’re supposed to eat all of that?” Li asked incredulously, his face contorting oddly.

“Merry Christmas!” a cheerful voice called from the door. Sakura jumped up to greet Yukito, but her father quickly intercepted her and sent her back to her seat. She couldn’t see what Yukito and Yue had cooked, after all. He helped Yukito into the kitchen, where Touya was finishing putting his food on dishes.

After a rather lengthy pause, Touya, Yukito, and Fujitaka emerged from the kitchen, the latter two grinning and the former smirking.

“So the three of us talked it over,” Yukito began.

“And we think that maybe this wasn’t the best idea,” Fujitaka continued. “After all, even though all the food made was the same, it was obviously made differently by each chef. Tsukishiro-san and Yue-san have a bit of Chinese, a bit of English, a bit of American, a bit of European to all of their cooking. Touya, on the other hand, is rather traditionally Japanese.”

“Instead, we came up with a better plan.”

At this point, Kero leapt into the air, scowling, short arms crossed across his chest and tail flicking angrily. “Who cares?! It’s all going to be delicious anyway!”

There was a moment of silence. Yukito was trying not to laugh.

“See, that’s what we thought!” Touya agreed, smirk widening, if that was possible. “And so we thought, ‘Hey, why should everyone else share in the spoils of our labor?’ And by everyone else, I mean you, plushie.” Touya scowled.

Sakura, Li, and Tomoyo shifted, as if to indicate their presence. Fujitaka went over and whispered in Sakura’s ear for a moment.

“I mean, we are the best cooks in, like, the country,” Touya bragged, raising his eyebrows. “So Yuki and I decided that we really don’t care what you think – though you apparently think our food is great. And we all know how much Yuki likes food.” Touya leaned over, kissed Yukito on the cheek, and sauntered back into the kitchen. Quite pleased with himself, Yukito waved and followed his boyfriend.

“HEY!” Kero yelled, as he launched himself at the closing kitchen door.
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11:20pm 10/02/2009 (UTC)
Saku: yarnball
*laughs* Wow this was just so wonderful! I loved the whole thing!
picword: yarnball
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03:52am 29/04/2009 (UTC)
pure sugar and fluff: sleeping beauty
Thanks so much! It makes me hungry every time I read it :P
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