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30_kisses Table: Fujitaka/Nadeshiko  
01:14am 01/10/2009
pure sugar and fluff

30 Kisses Update Table

Pairing: Fujitaka/Nadeshiko

Fandom: Card Captor Sakura

Number Theme Title Link
1 Look Over Here Title Link here
2 News; Letter Passing Notes [Part Five] Link here
3 Jolt Title Link here
4 Our Distance and That Person Closer [Part Seventeen] Link here
5 "Ano sa..." Hesitation [Part Eight] Link here
6 The Space Between Dream and Reality Visions of White [Part Fifteen] Link here
7 Superstar Dependency [Part Fourteen] Link here
8 Our Own World Romantic Notions [Part Six] Link here
9 Dash A Late Morning [Part Three] Link here
10 #10 Black Velvet [Part Thirteen] Link here
11 Gardenia White Petals [Part One] Link here
12 In a Good Mood Football Game [Part Four] Link here
13 Excessive Chain Passing Notes [Part Five] Link here
14 Radio-Cassette Player A Matter of Taste [Part Nine] Link here
15 Perfect Blue Night Sky [Part Twelve] Link here
16 Invincible; Unrivaled Football Game [Part Four] Link here
17 kHz (Kilohertz) Listen [Part Seven] Link here
18 "Say Ahh..." The Date [Part Two] Link here
19 Red Watching and Waiting [Part Eleven] Link here
20 The Road Home Daydreams [Part Sixteen] Link here
21 Violence; Pillage/Plunder; Extortion Title Link here
22 Cradle Title Link here
23 Candy Black Velvet [Part Thirteen] Link here
24 Good Night Title Link here
25 Fence Title Link here
26 If Only I Could Make You Mine Title Link here
27 Overflow Dependency [Part Fourteen] Link here
28 Wada Calcium CD3 Title Link here
29 The Sound of Waves Sunday Afternoon [Part Ten] Link here
30 Kiss Title Link here

Complete: 21/30
mood: hungryhungry
music: *~アスタリスク~--ORANGE RANGE
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