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30_kisses Table: Touya/Yukito  
12:49pm 03/08/2009
pure sugar and fluff
All the fics can be found in Memories, but since the mods at 30_kisses were cool enough to make this, I figured I might as well take advantage of it.

30 Kisses Update Table

Pairing: Touya/Yukito

Fandom: Card Captor Sakura

Number Theme Title Link
1 Look Over Here Connections Link here
2 News; Letter Peppermint Link here
3 Jolt Interruptions Link here
4 Our Distance and That Person Interruptions Link here
5 "Ano sa..." Asking Out Link here
6 The Space Between Dream and Reality Watching Link here
7 Superstar Fanclubs Link here
8 Our Own World Symbolic Link here
9 Dash Symbolic Link here
10 #10 Boxes of Cereal Link here
11 Gardenia Title Link here
12 In a Good Mood Smile Link here
13 Excessive Chain Title Link here
14 Radio-Cassette Player Title Link here
15 Perfect Blue Sleepover Link here
16 Invincible; Unrivaled Showdown Link here
17 kHz (Kilohertz) Title Link here
18 "Say Ahh..." Habits Link here
19 Red Title Link here
20 The Road Home Home for the Holidays Link here
21 Violence; Pillage/Plunder; Extortion Title Link here
22 Cradle Title Link here
23 Candy Confections Link here
24 Good Night Sleepover Link here
25 Fence Title Link here
26 If Only I Could Make You Mine Title Link here
27 Overflow Title Link here
28 Wada Calcium CD3 Sick Days Link here
29 The Sound of Waves Strange Ways Link here
30 Kiss Eggnog Link here

Complete: 20/30
mood: busybusy
music: Real Gone--Billy Ray Cyrus
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(no subject)
11:43pm 28/10/2006 (UTC)
I have no idea how I ended up here, but you write Touya/Yuki, and you do an amazingly adorable job of it. :D Would you mind if I friended you?
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(no subject)
02:37am 29/10/2006 (UTC)
pure sugar and fluff: candy
Most certainly not! I'm always looking for people who read my CCS fic, and I'm really flattered that you'd like to friend me. So friend away! :D
picword: candy
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(no subject)
02:43am 29/10/2006 (UTC)
Jamie: burning!
Yay! I can't wait to read more of your stuff! ♥
picword: burning!
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(no subject)
06:25am 29/10/2006 (UTC)
pure sugar and fluff: cupcake
Thank you!
picword: cupcake
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(no subject)
01:41pm 24/11/2006 (UTC)
I stumbled upon your journal by accident, and now I've read almost all of your CCS fics, I think ^^;
So I thought I should just drop a line to tell you they were cute. Like, extremely cute ^^
And sorry for the fact that I don't have anything constructive to say =S
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(no subject)
10:48am 01/12/2006 (UTC)
pure sugar and fluff: sweet
Well, I'm glad you found it! Invite your friends, have a party, it's all cool~

Thank you so much for letting me know you read! That makes me feel really awesome. Don't worry about not having anything more to say!
picword: sweet
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(no subject)
11:50am 19/10/2007 (UTC)
i_am_mikage: kazuki
I guess that just like most people who posted before, I kind of stumbled onto your blog while searching for Touya & Yuki stories. Hope you don't mind if I add you to my Friends' list... :D
picword: kazuki
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(no subject)
09:14pm 24/12/2007 (UTC)
pure sugar and fluff: sweet
Oh no, of course not! Thank you!
picword: sweet
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02:41am 21/09/2008 (UTC)
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желательно второго уровня.
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(no subject)
04:37pm 08/11/2008 (UTC)
Oh my god XD!
*became addicted to your fanfictions*
You should write more though D: All of them are SOO amazing<3

Aaaahhh~~ you made me remember how much I LOVE Touya/Yuki<3
You're a fabulous writer, ps. x]!
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(no subject)
08:27am 29/12/2008 (UTC)
pure sugar and fluff: kyou kara maou
:O Glad you liked them! I would really like to write more often, but I have trouble enough keeping up with the few deadlines I have! I will try to write more in the future... my very busy future...

Thank you very much! :D
picword: kyou kara maou
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